Customizing aluminum fixtures: GINKO and design

The quality of GINKO anti-burglary doors and windows is always met with accuracy and uniqueness in terms of aesthetics.

Attention to design has always been one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy. It drives us to identify solutions that ensure the highest performance in passive security without sacrificing the finished product’s visual impact.

This approach affects all our products, without exception: from armored shutters to burglarproof windows, from anti-burglary sliding doors to bulletproof windows and doors. Whether our security systems are installed in a renovated farmhouse or a technological and minimalist bank, our goal is to always ensure maximum satisfaction in every aspect, including the enrichment and stylistic enhancement of the spaces.

A complete range of customizable doors and windows with the most diverse finishes

In addition to the RAL colors typically available for practically any type of window, the armored doors and windows designed and manufactured by GINKO can adapt to the style and personality of each building thanks to an extensive range of colors, textures and finishes.

Among these, the most requested and appreciated by our customers include wrinkled effects, Corten, wood and anodized metal.

To understand how these treatments differ, we provide a more specific overview of the characteristics of these and other finishes available for our product range.


GINKO can chromatically customize its armored windows and doors thanks to the almost infinite range of RAL colors. By making available many classic and special shades available, the RAL color range allows us to obtain surfaces totally in line with the stylistic choices of each architectural project.

The RAL color scale (an acronym for Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen) is a particular chromatic coding comprising about two thousand shades. It has long been used as a reference standard in diverse industrial and design contexts. The classic RAL colors, i.e., standard, monochromatic colors are available in glossy and matt versions. The special colors category includes shades featuring more peculiar effects: matte, semi-glossy, glossy, wrinkled, rough, speckled and more.

Attention to aesthetics has always distinguished GINKO’s work and is reflected by a complete range of colors ranging from the most widespread to the most sought-after, rare and trendy shades.


Sublimation is a particular type of surface finish applicable to aluminum, which is the material at the heart of GINKO systems.

The sublimation process allows to decorate the aluminum surface with extraordinary visual effects that very convincingly replicate the aesthetics of the most common materials in nature, such as wood, marble, sand and metals. This result is possible thanks to the extreme versatility of this treatment, which offers a wide range of color shades and textures.

In this sense, it is essential to specify that the wood effect resulting from sublimation is very different from the natural wood cladding that characterizes, for example, our IKONA Wood.

Instead, the wood effect through sublimation allows us to recreate the color and texture of this natural material on armored aluminum windows, taking inspiration from the shades of the most well-known wood essences, such as oak, walnut, cherry and teak. In this way, it is possible to ensure a very high degree of customization to adapt the looks of our design anti-intrusion windows even to more classic-style settings.

The sublimation process of our armored aluminum windows provides for the pre-treatment of the profile to eliminate any impurities; powder pre-painting with protective and decorative functions; the application of pre-printed sublimation transfer with the defined pattern or look; and the removal of the film with final quality control of the finished product.


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that covers the armored door or window with a protective aluminum oxide layer.

The primary function of anodic oxidation (the other technical denomination of aluminum anodization) is to protect against corrosion. However, the process offers several additional benefits: the security window will be more durable and long-lasting, its hardness will increase, and so will its resistance to wear and abrasion.

When it comes to visual impact, anodizing produces greater uniformity of the surface and offers various possible chromatic customizations. Anodizing can also create numerous superficial effects: satin, brushed, with textures that simulate steel, bronze, silver, dark brown and others, which would be almost impossible to achieve with other processes.

Furthermore, an anodized finish will always be pleasant to the touch and particularly shiny.

The Corten effect

The Corten effect is a surface finish that refers to the chromatic rendering of the window.

The spectacular aesthetic impact guaranteed by the Corten effect has considerably increased its demand, especially in recent years. In addition to ensuring excellent corrosion resistance, this finish creates extraordinary color change effects ranging from shades of orange to reddish-brown ones.

On aluminum, the Corten effect results from the application of specific powders for painting, in a now standardized industrial process that improves the aesthetics of the surfaces and, at the same time, increases their technical qualities.

Design: an essential quality for all GINKO armored doors and windows

In conclusion, the high technological complexity of GINKO burglarproof and bulletproof windows and doors is always coupled with detailed and modern design. The result is a complete range of security windows and doors with extraordinary technical qualities and an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, designed for architectural contexts of the most diverse styles, from the large industrial loft to the traditional court house buildings restored to their former glory.

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