Innovation in security doors and windows: why choose GINKO

Top-notch technology, quality and design in passive security

Precious and anti-burglary, innovative and made with high-quality materials: GINKO solutions are the top of the range of passive security because they represent the perfect synergy between a tailor-made product both in terms of performance and aesthetics. From security fixtures, from shutters to frames, we have developed a complete range to meet our customers’ most complex needs.

Sin dalla sua fondazione, GINKO si è concentrata sull’individuazione e progettazione di soluzioni sempre più innovative nel campo della sicurezza passiva, puntando in particolar modo sulla qualità, l’affidabilità e l’efficacia nel tempo di tutti i suoi prodotti.

Allora come oggi, la passione per la sicurezza e l’attenzione assoluta alla soddisfazione del cliente rendono GINKO una delle leading company nello sviluppo di serramenti blindati ad alto tasso di innovazione tecnologica. 

We are aware that the security and protection of people in homes and workplaces depend on the reliability of our products. For this reason, we monitor the production cycle at all times to ensure security fixtures always made in a workmanlike manner.

With GINKO, your most precious spaces are safe.

That’s why you should choose us.


The security of your spaces comes first, and starts with the fixtures.


A selection of high-quality materials for your security doors and windows.

Prestigious materials

Designed to guarantee you optimal protection even in the most difficult conditions.


Passive security solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Research and Development

It is curiosity that drives us to create more and more efficient security fixtures.