Security doors and windows

Design and performance for your armored fixtures

The security and protection of the privacy of one’s home are now essential factors in the choice of any passive protection system. Security fixtures prove to be optimal solutions to ensure an excellent degree of security and to minimise the risk of break-ins and unwanted entry into domestic spaces. These architectural and functional elements are specially designed to ensure specific anti-vandalism and anti-theft characteristics, thanks to particular safety mechanisms and production methods.

The GINKO branded doors and windows for security doors combine quality, high-level design and absolute efficiency in the protection of privacy and security while guaranteeing additional advantages such as superior thermal and acoustic insulation, high resistance to wind and other atmospheric agents, long life and no need for maintenance. This means that the installation of security fixtures will improve the energy efficiency of the home, and will help reduce consumption while offering additional protection against heat loss.

The advantage of choosing GINKO security fixtures is threefold: functional, aesthetic, qualitative.

Explore the burglar-proof aluminium/wood thermal break window models at your disposal and find the one that’s right for you between Ikona and Ikona Wood, and do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists for a dedicated consultation.

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