Anti-burglary windows featuring an exclusive modern look

GINKO‘s long experience in the passive security sector, combined with the continuous Research and Development activity that has always distinguished the company, resulted in the design and construction of the Ikona security door and window.

This line of anti-burglary fixtures represents the new reference point in the field of security since it contains in a single contemporary design solution excellent anti-burglary characteristics and an excellent degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Ikona is characterised in particular by its extremely reduced dimensions, equal to just 73 mm door/frame, and by the patented “total overlap” system with a retractable door. It can also be customised with the most diverse finishes (RAL, oxidised, wood effect) to satisfy the most diverse chromatic and stylistic needs.

The Ikona security doors and windows offer the considerable advantage of the total absence of maintenance: their operation, style and level of security remain constant and unchanged over time.


Up to class RC4


Class 4


Class 7A


Class C5


UW. 1.3


Up to 44 Db

Ikona burglar-proof doors and windows: available versions

Details, accessories and types of fixing

Ikona is a line of design security doors characterised by absolute attention to every single detail, from accessories to fixing types.


  • Flush: Ikona allows you to install the fixture flush with the wall, a unique detail in security fixtures that gives elegance and refinement, perfectly integrating the window to the wall.

  • Custom accessories: every part of Ikona security doors and windows – profiles, accessories and complements – is conceived, designed and built to guarantee the highest safety performance and the best user experience.

  • Types of fixing: standard, aluminium on rebate, wood on rebate and flush aluminium.
Disegno tecnico del fissaggio in legno in battuta del serramento blindato Ikona Wood.


For both doors and windows, IKONA is available in single-sash, double-sash and fixed mirror versions, with the possibility of combining the various versions.

Disegni tecnici delle tipologie di serramenti antiproiettile Ikona Bullet.

The finishes

Ikona burglar-proof windows are extremely versatile from the point of view of colour palette and finishes: explore the following section and identify the style and shade that best suits your needs among the RAL and Wood Effect offers.