The high-design security entrance door


High-design security front door

With the INVISIO burglar-proof door, GINKO wanted to concentrate technology, innovation and design in a single product, creating an uncompromising balance.

The INVISIO range of security doors arises from the need to hide the robustness and heaviness that are typically associated with a high-security product under a completely customisable garment. The combinations of materials and finishes were virtually infinite, to be able to adapt to the most diverse architectural styles.

Attention to detail was the key to achieving this result: the welded aluminium skeleton, the concealed hinges with ABS and the anti-unhinging steel plates are just some of the details that make INVISIO a unique product.

This customisable security door is a hinged system (possibly customisable with a flush finish) that can be installed anywhere: to protect a villa, an apartment or a simple room in the house, even indoors.

Thanks to the structure made with the highest quality components and quality materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel, the INVISIO range is designed to maintain its style, quality and safety characteristics over time.


Up to class RC4


Class 4


Class 2A


Class C5


UW. 1.75


Up to 45 Db

INVISIO security doors: available versions

Variants and types of fixing for the INVISIO burglary-proof door

The INVISIO range of security doors is available in all standard variants, while as regards the types of fastening, it can be installed in the flush-wall/boiserie version, as an internal coating or in aluminium ox silver.

The locks

The INVISIO anti-burglary door can be customised with different locks to satisfy specific aesthetic, technological and security needs:

European cylinder lock

High-security lock controlled by a European profile cylinder complete with anti-drill pins and 5 keys that can not be reproduced. Keys can be replicated only by showing the specific property form that is issued upon delivery.

Double cylinder lock

There are two locks in one. The primary one carries out the main closing, while the secondary (service), activates another deadbolt, which can be used both as an open lock and for primary interdiction functions.

Smart electronic lock

Smart technology allows you to open and manage access rights via Bluetooth® from smartphones and tablet PCs. It’s the new way to manage your door security.

Fingerprint - Biometric

A module can be added to the electronic lock to transform your fingers into an access key to your home. Nothing could be simpler!

The finishes

INVISIO anti-burglary doors are also extremely versatile from the point of view of finishes, to guarantee maximum style customisation. Choose your finish from solid wood, aluminium and pantographed, lacquered, porcelain stoneware and lacquered glass options. Never forget that GINKO is also at your disposal for customised finishes based on your project specifications.