Bulletproof windows with a minimalistic design

IKONA BULLET is the maximum expression of the IKONA and IKONA WOOD series: a collection of bulletproof fixtures that satisfy every need for security and design.

Thanks to the addition of special ballistic steels and security glass, this minimalist system reaches the highest degrees of bulletproof resistance without any need to give up the style and customisations that IKONA can provide.

Perfect for the protection of barracks or military garrisons, IKONA BULLET bulletproof windows are versatile and also ideal for installation in historic buildings and villas since the application of solid wood allows the windows to be adapted to different architectural styles.


Up to class FB6/NS


Up to class RC4


Class 4


Class 7A


Class C5


Up to class UW. 1.1


Up to 42 Db

IKONA BULLET bulletproof windows: available versions

IKONA BULLET bulletproof windows: details

The IKONA BULLET minimalist bulletproof armoured windows are characterised by attention to every detail.

  • Standard types: for both doors and windows, IKONA BULLET is available in versions with one door, two doors and fixed mirrors, with the possibility of combining the various versions.

  • Types of fixing: aluminium on rebate, wood on rebate and flush aluminium.

  • Wood cladding: to respect the authenticity and warmth of wooden windows, the profiles that cover the interior of the WOOD version are coupled at 90° with the possibility of rounded corners, guaranteeing the frame a more neoclassical style.

  • Flush-wall: all parts, profiles, accessories and complements are conceived, designed and manufactured to guarantee the highest safety performance and the best user experience.

  • Custom accessories: every part of Ikona security doors and windows – profiles, accessories and complements – is conceived, designed and built to guarantee the highest safety performance and the best user experience.

The finishes

The IKONA BULLET series of bulletproof fixtures is very versatile in terms of colour and wood finishes: explore the section to find your favourite colour in the RAL and WOOD palettes.