So much more than safety: how GINKO anti-burglar fixtures increase the comfort of your spaces

When it comes to passive security, sometimes the aesthetics or living comfort of the product take the backseats. There are instances where such features tend to go overlooked because we put the maximum degree of protection of our spaces first. In those cases, we base our purchase mainly on the paramount performance factor, and our focus is on the system’s resistance to break-in attempts or its shatterproof and bulletproof qualities.

With its security doors and windows, GINKO subverts this paradigm by creating solutions that ensure the highest degree of protection of indoor spaces – and all they contain – without giving up a high-level design and superior performance in terms of living comfort. The security of things and people inside the spaces does not rise above the aesthetic beauty of the burglar-proof doors and windows nor their contribution to the quality of living. Despite being passive security systems, GINKO armored windows are always an “active part” of daily comfort!

Innovative security doors and windows, both in design and living comfort

The safety of GINKO burglar-proof windows and doors has always been associated with the highest level of attention to design. Each security fixture is designed so that its technological complexity is enclosed within an exclusive and refined aesthetic, capable of embellishing the spaces in which it is installed.

Guided by passion and curiosity, we design and manufacture security doors and windows that are increasingly performing in every aspect: innovation, safety, look, technology, materials, environmental compatibility and energy performance. And it is precisely our environmental sensibility that prompts us to seek solutions that contribute concretely to the thermo-acoustic comfort of indoor spaces: in the face of optimal insulation, all our armored doors and windows help to avoid unnecessary energy dispersion and, therefore, reduce air pollution.

From security shutters to doors, to bulletproof windows: what GINKO has to offer

GINKO provides its clients with a complete range of passive security solutions, including armored shutters, burglar-proof and armored security windows, armored doors, and bulletproof fixtures. In addition to excellent design, all products have something else in common: they improve the building’s energy performance and environmental comfort.

The GINKO series of armored shutters includes EVA, the collection of modern security shutters featuring a minimalist and elegant style that combines anti-burglary security with a total absence of maintenance. Entirely made of extruded aluminum and with internal stainless-steel armor, EVA is available in four versions with an increasing degree of resistance and many stylistic variants: from design (squared or arched) to opening types (hinged opening or book opening), up to colors and finishes. Each version is bound to flawlessly embellish the facades of your property.

IKONA and its “sister” IKONA Wood are part of GINKO’s security doors and windows collection, designed to combine design and performance with solid durability and high resistance to challenging weather conditions. The benefits ensured by this range are threefold: functional, aesthetic and qualitative, embodying a new way of conceiving security windows and doors and integrating them into the building.

As for sliding burglarproof windows, designed to ensure high performance also in terms of thermo-acoustic insulation, GINKO offers its revolutionary IKONA Slide: its highly minimalist style hides an “armored core” made of patented stainless steel, with a central node of only 3.5 centimeters that can reach the RC4 anti-burglary class. No other product performs similarly: unsurprisingly, IKONA Slide won the Archiproducts Design Award 2021 in the Building Envelope category.

GINKO has plenty to offer even regarding security doors, thanks to a range of certified solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces characterized by a modern and exclusive style. Stylistically impeccable and completely safe, the brand’s INVISIO anti-burglary doors are available in several variants to ensure full compatibility with any architectural project: from INVISIO, the anti-burglary front door featuring a swing system, to INVISIO PLUS, further enhanced in terms of thermal insulation. The range also includes the formidable INVISIO PLUS GLASS, with its unique synergy between the comfort of passive security and the charm of glass, and the spectacular INVISIO PIVOT GLASS, GINKO’s glass pivot security door.

Finally, the GINKO catalog includes three models of bulletproof fixtures. They are all ideal solutions for spaces potentially subject to high risk and provide a flawless synthesis between ballistic and anti-burglary protection, exclusive design and superior thermo-acoustic performance. You can explore the dedicated section to discover the ATENA110 BULLET, IKONA BULLET bulletproof windows and doors and the INVISIO BULLET bulletproof entrance door.

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