Security systems for shutters: what are they? Do they really work?

In the large and complex window and door sector, shutters surely play a leading role. We can define shutters as external components installed on windows or openings to regulate air and natural light entry within indoor settings.

Shutters, which generally feature horizontal slats (in some cases adjustable), fall into the so-called “blinds” category. Although they are now available in numerous stylistic variations and widespread in different parts of the world, they are of essentially Mediterranean origin – where, for centuries, they have had the role of protecting internal spaces from the action of the sun’s rays, especially during summertime.

However, this is not the only benefit traditional and burglar-proof shutters offer. Here are the main ones that deserve to be reiterated:

  • Indoor brightness regulation: shutters are specifically designed to regulate the amount of light entering a room.
  • Internal ventilation: by positioning the shutters to allow air to enter from the outside, you can promote natural ventilation of the rooms and maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Privacy: shutters offer effective control over the discretion of private spaces as, by closing them completely, it is possible to protect the internal settings from prying eyes.
  • UV protection: shutters also act as solar shading systems and help reduce indoor space overheating during the hottest days.
  • Aesthetics and design: when excellent in quality, shutters become a decorative element on the external facades of the building. They can also be customized to fit different architectural styles.

Security shutters: an effective solution for the passive protection of buildings

When talking about security systems for shutters, we are referring to armored or burglar-proof shutters. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these blinds are designed with more robust materials and more advanced closing systems, aiming to increase the passive security of buildings and reduce the risk of unwanted entry.


Also called security or burglar-resistant shutters, armored shutters differ from classic ones under three specific characteristics:

  • Raw materials: security shutters are manufactured with materials more resistant to break-in attempts, such as aluminum and steel than the wood traditionally used for classic models.
  • Closing systems: armored shutters are equipped with advanced closing systems, making intrusion attempts more complex and expensive (both in terms of time and resources).
  • Anti-burglary protection: security shutters are designed to resist even aggressive burglary attempts and provide an additional level of security compared to standard models.

In summary, while traditional shutters focus mainly on regulating light and ventilation, burglar-proof shutters guarantee a higher level of security, making it more difficult for intruders to enter the building. It goes without saying that, to meet current passive security needs, it is also essential that armored shutters to a high degree of design, marked application flexibility – hence the ability to adapt to different architectures – and extreme durability.

In this sense, the GINKO catalog includes a superior quality solution: Eva, the line of steel shutters with top-of-the-range aesthetics that requires no maintenance.

EVA: security shutters with a modern appeal that do not require any maintenance

Part of the comprehensive range of GINKO brand anti-intrusion and even bullet-proof windows and doors, the Eva line of security shutters stands out for its perfect synergy between anti-burglary safety and elegance of design.

Characterized by a minimalist and clean look that allows them to harmoniously integrate into virtually any building, Eva armored shutters are technologically advanced products that do not require any maintenance, as they preserve their aesthetic and functional characteristics intact over time.

Made entirely of extruded aluminum with internal stainless steel armor, the shutters included in our Eva collection exploit the excellence of specific security accessories to ensure extreme resistance to break-in and intrusion attempts.

Furthermore, GINKO’s Eva line provides effective darkening of the rooms, improving comfort within living spaces, and offers excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions without requiring extraordinary maintenance interventions. The collection is available in four different versions depending on the degree of anti-burglary resistance needed for the project: SuperBlindo, Blindo, Strong and Light. Each version can be explored in more detail in its technical aspects by visiting the page dedicated to Eva armored shutters.

In terms of versatility, Eva meets different design needs, leaving maximum creative freedom to the designer: the shutters are available in versions with clear or curved lines, while the type of opening can be folded or hinged, depending not only on the stylistic needs of the building but also of the available space.

The panels are also available in different versions: with fixed slats – open, partially blind or completely blind; adjustable slats (with maximum RC2 safety level) or vertical slats for total darkening. As far as fastening types are concerned, the solutions proposed for Eva shutters are the result of GINKO’s constant attention to the most advanced and functional security systems. Two versions are available:

  • Fastening with a specially designed 20/10 galvanized steel counterframe intended to house the perimeter fixings. It is the ideal solution for new buildings and allows the fixed perimeter frame to be partially or almost completely hidden.
  • Fastening with a folder-shaped plate, a system designed by GINKO and particularly suitable for renovating pre-existing buildings without masonry works. The anchoring plate is intended to be fixed to the center of the wall through dedicated plugs. It can also accommodate the shutter’s perimeter anchoring pins. After installation, the system will be covered with a specific sheet or sheets that integrate perfectly with the shutter finish.

From the point of view of colors and finishes, once again our Eva security shutters prove to be an excellent solution: GINKO offers standard finishes in matt white, matt ivory, matt grey, gothic green, gothic grey, green/brown/wrinkled gray tones; wood effect finishes that replicate the aesthetics of natural essences such as oak, oak, pine, walnut, Douglas, cherry and chestnut; and the entire RAL range.

Finally, the GINKO team is always available to the designer to create RAL lacquered finishes on request for totally customized solutions.

Get in touch with our experts to receive advice on your project and discover the excellence of our shutter security systems.