Armored doors: can design and safety coexist in a single product?

Since its founding, GINKO has always considered it essential to identify perfect solutions from a dual aspect: reliability in protecting spaces, being our company a leader in armored doors and windows, and design.

Being able to calibrate the synergy between these two fundamental features is an incredibly stimulating challenge that has always allowed us to create market-ready products featuring an ultra-high level of safety combined with an extraordinary look, which quickly finds a place in the most diverse architectural contexts.

We apply the same paradigm to armored doors, with passive security solutions that are safe, durable, and aesthetically formidable in protecting spaces.

Why safety and design must coexist in an armored entrance door

The front door represents symbolically – and also concretely! – the access point to our most private spaces, which are to be understood as a stylistic manifestation of our uniqueness.

Since the house is a mirror of our identity and personality, its front door must be able to represent us best and express the communion between our most private world and the one outside the domestic boundaries.

Generally, those who require an armored door to increase the passive security of their spaces put the protection of things and people first, which is more than justifiable. However, this does not mean that we must necessarily give up an architectural element that, as the main access point, defines and narrates the style of our home.

With GINKO solutions, we want to offer an answer to this symbolic coexistence between safety and beauty. We succeeded by designing a solution that encompasses the technological complexity typical of all our armored fixtures in an external casing capable of putting design at center stage.

The name we have chosen for our range of armored and bulletproof doors is INVISIO.

INIVISIO: the GINKO armored door line that combines design with maximum safety

GINKO’s INIVISIO line of anti-theft doors increases any environment’s security level thanks to its advanced anti-burglary systems, specifically developed to make any attempt to violate the door incredibly difficult.

Thanks to a range of solutions characterized by increasing levels of safety, INVISIO proves to be an efficient response for both the residential and military or sensitive sectors, as well as a revolutionary collection in the field of passive security.

Certified for interiors and exteriors, the INIVISIO line of armored doors is the perfect synthesis between the highest safety requirements and a high-end design. It consists of six different models, each with its specific technical and stylistic characteristics:

  • INIVISIO is the armored entrance door that blends, in a single product, technology, design and innovation in passive security. Its uncompromising balance is combined with a high level of customization (the swing system can be customized in a flush-to-the-wall version) and a “safety technology” made of a welded aluminum skeleton, concealed hinges with an ABS system and anti-unhinging steel plates. Thanks to its incredibly robust structure and the use of quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, INIVISIO effectively protects any entrance: of a villa, an apartment, or simply a room within the house. INIVISIO is available in the Blindo and Strong versions, certified in anti-burglary class RC4 and RC3, respectively.
  • INVISIO PLUS is the natural evolution of the previous model in terms of reliable anti-burglary structure. At the same time, this armored door ensures further improved performance in terms of thermal insulation and contributes to the property’s energy efficiency and indoor living well-being. The technical features of INVISIO PLUS include concealed friction hinges, integrated handles and flush-to-the-wall finishes to give life to a timeless style. The system is certified anti-burglary in class RC4.
  • INVISIO PLUS GLASS is a spectacular aluminum and glass burglar-proof door that combines extraordinary aesthetics with high safety and thermal insulation performance. The charm of glass increases the timeless appeal of INVISIO, creating a product that can be placed wherever you want to ensure maximum protection of spaces with a door that also looks stunning. Its anti-burglary class is RC4.
  • INVISIO PIVOT is pure technological innovation in passive security, as it transforms the armored door into a splendid mobile wall, one of the most requested architectural elements – especially in contemporary and modern spaces. Like all the other models in the range, INVISIO PIVOT includes a welded aluminum skeleton and anti-unhinging steel plates. However, it features a unique Fritsjurgens-branded concealed hinge system, which allows you to move doors with extra-large surfaces with incredible ease and smoothness. INVISIO PIVOT boasts an RC4 anti-burglary certification.
  • INVISIO PIVOT GLASS is the exclusive movable glass wall certified in the RC4 anti-burglary class. Thanks to the glass, the door turns the exterior of your home into a panoramic scenery you can admire in complete safety. INVISIO PIVOT GLASS is an armored pivot door that is unique in aesthetics and reliability. In addition to protecting your spaces thanks to its welded aluminum skeleton, steel plates and unhinging and, like the INVISIO PIVOT twin, the Fritsjurgens concealed hinge, it doesn’t just integrate into settings but transforms them.
  • INVISIO BULLET: the latest model in the INVISIO range is dedicated to the most complex and challenging spaces because, despite its clean and minimal design that synergistically matches each space’s style, it guarantees a degree of resistance to FB6/NS bullets. These extraordinary technical features make INVISIO BULLET the perfect bulletproof door for the safety of sensitive spaces – without any need to give up the aesthetics of a top-of-the-range product.

All models in the INVISIO line of armored doors can be customized in terms of aesthetics and finishes thanks to the wide availability of options: choose between the solid wood, aluminum and pantographed, lacquered, porcelain stoneware and lacquered glass options or, alternatively, request a unique and customized finish from GINKO.

Do you want to receive support regarding which armored door from the INVISIO range is most suitable for your spaces? Get in touch with GINKO specialists and immediately receive no-obligation advice on your design project.