INVISIO PLUS GLASS successfully passes bulletproof resistance tests!

Summer 2023 brings excellent news to GINKO: at the end of June, our INVISIO PLUS GLASS security door successfully passed the bulletproof tests, obtaining the prestigious class FB6/NS (3300J) certification, which confirms our armored door is among the safest products currently available on the market.

The resistance tests to the penetration of 7.62×51 caliber armored projectiles were carried out at the Notified Ballistic Laboratory of Gardone Valtrompia, in the province of Brescia.

With this certification, a specific external body has therefore guaranteed the very high performance of our product.

In practical terms, this means that from now on, INVISIO PLUS GLASS can also be manufactured in a bulletproof version, becoming an ideal passive safety system for protecting even the most sensitive residential, public or professional environments.

INVISIO PLUS GLASS: the aluminum and glass burglar-proof door that combines design and safety

With INVISIO PLUS GLASS, GINKO has created an exclusive passive security system in terms of aesthetics and functionality: our armored door combines the excellent anti-intrusion performance that has always distinguished the INVISIO and INVISIO PLUS “twin” models with the exclusive elegance of the glass.

Ideal for installation in any setting, INVISIO PLUS GLASS features a welded aluminum skeleton and anti-unhinging steel plates, concealed friction hinges, integrated handles and flush-to-the-wall finishes: the last one is a unique detail in the scenario of anti-intrusion fixtures. INVISIO PLUS GLASS’ solid yet ethereal appearance makes it an unrivaled solution in terms of look, giving it an innate ability to integrate fluidly into any architectural context, enrich its aesthetics, and sensitively implement its safety.

Maximum indoor illumination is guaranteed by the large glass walls, which turn INVISIO PLUS GLASS into a luminous passage from one setting to the next: an impalpable “corridor” that expands the rooms’ scenic impact without compromising their inviolability. Furthermore, our burglar-proof door – now also available in a bulletproof version – does not require any maintenance and maintains all its aesthetic and functional characteristics unchanged over time.

Finally, multiple customization options exist, starting from the locks available in different versions: European cylinder, double cylinder, smart electronics, and fingerprint/biometric versions. As for colors, there is practically no limit to the aesthetics that INVISIO PLUS GLASS can take on: at your disposal, you will find a rich catalog of solid wood, aluminum and pantographed, lacquered, porcelain stoneware, lacquered glass and customized finishes on request.

The most extreme passive security has never been so appealing.

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