Technological burglar-proof doors and windows: how armored fixtures improve the quality of living

Burglar-proof doors and windows are designed with one main goal: to increase the safety of living spaces by concretely and systematically reducing the risk of unwanted entry. However, developments in the industry today allow us to provide highly technological solutions that synthesize, in a single product, excellent anti-intrusion performance, high-quality design and particular technical characteristics that improve the quality of living.

The further goal of new-generation armored doors and windows, such as those by GINKO, is to create spaces where living comfort finds its maximum expression.

What is living comfort and why is it so important

In a nutshell, living comfort can be defined as the condition of well-being that the inhabitants of a space experience within the space itself.

This state of comfort is determined as a function of the person’s sensorial perceptions. It reflects in factors such as temperature, air humidity, the level of thermo-acoustic well-being and brightness, i.e., in thermal and hygrometric discriminants (temperature and air humidity), biophysical (air quality), acoustic (noises coming from outside) and optical (light, whether artificial or natural) factors.

Hence, the quality of living is determined by the balance between thermal, acoustic, visual comfort and air quality, which can be briefly explained as follows:

  • Thermal comfort is the condition that allows people who live in the rooms to feel neither hot in summer nor cold in winter because the internal spaces always reach and maintain a pleasant temperature (i.e., around 20°C in winter and around 26°C in summer). Thermal comfort also positively affects the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Acoustic comfort is the reduction of noise in the home and, more specifically, the concrete decrease of the sound impact coming from outside. According to the WHO, noise pollution in a domestic environment should not exceed 35 decibels. Like thermal comfort, acoustic comfort also positively affects a property’s energy efficiency.
  • Visual comfort consists of the presence of natural light in living spaces – a decisive factor in people’s psychophysical well-being. This circumstance is not only influenced by the presence or absence of windows and French windows but also by their size. At the same time, visual comfort also lies in the possibility of darkening the rooms when necessary, for example, with special shutters.
  • Air quality is the correct ventilation of indoor environments. Proper ventilation occurs by opening the windows (and consequent exchange of air) at least three times a day for about five or ten minutes. However, the ideal way to obtain good air quality without affecting the internal temperature (i.e., without heating or cooling the rooms too much) is to create light air currents, allowing you to maintain an ideal humidity level.

When all the conditions we have just listed are satisfied, the internal spaces of a property are comfortable to live in, which means that they produce a state of multi-sensory well-being.

How burglar-resistant doors and windows influence living comfort

Installing burglar-resistant windows and doors like those designed and manufactured by GINKO allows you to positively influence all the factors relating to the living comfort of the rooms and, at the same time, benefit from cutting-edge solutions regarding passive security.

In the case of thermal comfort, for example, the presence of obsolete or poorly performing windows and doors can seriously affect the achievement and maintenance of comfort temperatures both in winter and summer due to the presence of thermal bridges or uninsulated boxes. For the same reasons, poorly performing fixtures also negatively impact the acoustic comfort of the rooms because they are intrinsically vulnerable to external noise.

On the contrary, thanks to advanced technologies, GINKO’s technological burglar-proof doors and windows are designed to ensure the maximum degree of thermo-acoustic well-being. In addition to keeping things and people safe, such technical advancements significantly improve the comfort of internal spaces. GINKO armored doors and windows also resist the action of wind and atmospheric agents, are long-lasting and do not require maintenance. They contribute to energy saving in the home, reduce energy consumption and protect against heat loss, creating a perfect synthesis between performance, aesthetic and qualitative excellence.

In this sense, we invite you to check out the technical data sheets of our IKONA and IKONA Wood armored windows to discover how they harmoniously integrate into your spaces, improving their performance.

Regarding visual comfort, which is the ability of the armored window to let natural light penetrate the rooms – or to diminish it, where necessary, GINKO once again provides excellent solutions in terms of aesthetics and functionality that combine style and maximum safety.

A formidable example of this synergy is IKONA Slide, the line of sliding safety windows that stands out from similar proposals available on the market thanks to its powerfully minimalist style. Its patented system features stainless steel armor and a central node of just 3.5 centimeters that reaches the RC4 anti-burglary class. The result is a market-leading window unique in the passive security sector: it is sliding and panoramic!

Designed to create large openings – and therefore surfaces with maximum natural light entry – IKONA Slide features an innovative double-track sliding system that supports up to 1000 kg of load capacity.

Available in single or double sliding door versions and ideal for recessed openings within the masonry, these sliding armored windows maximize the potential of all indoor spaces.

In terms of shielding from light, GINKO has created the line of EVA armored shutters: modern in aesthetics and without any need for maintenance, these solutions showcase a minimalist and elegant design and, in addition to ensuring extremely high resistance to break-ins and intrusion attempts, produce an ideal level of darkening. In this way, they increase indoor living comfort while resisting the action of atmospheric agents, including very aggressive ones.

Ultimately, the constant Research and Development carried out by GINKO over the years allows us to propose innovative and technologically advanced solutions in the field of passive security systems and fully understand the living comfort needs of the people who live in spaces. Our listening experience reverberates in burglar-proof and even bulletproof windows and doors that guarantee tranquility and concretely contribute to increasing the overall value of the property and the well-being of its residents.

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