Aluminum: the material at the “heart” of GINKO anti-burglar systems

GINKO’s range of security doors and windows results from a company philosophy that has always been oriented towards values such as research, innovation, design and environmental sustainability. This same point of view drives the company to choose aluminum as the standard material for all its products and systems.

The particular technical features of this ductile and versatile metal make it the key element for creating armored doors and windows capable of combining the highest level of performance – even in the most challenging conditions and in the most complex architectural contexts – with extraordinary stylistic flexibility, minimalistic and elegant design and a high possibility of product customization.

Starting from a careful planning phase by expert consultants and security specialists, each GINKO window is manufactured with the utmost attention to integrating fluidly into the most diverse spaces, either new or pre-existing, while always maintaining its functionality unchanged. The most important European and international anti-burglary and bulletproof certifications rigorously confirmed such high standards for all GINKO products.

Manufacturing each GINKO armored window or door using aluminum as its primary material allows us to satisfy a wide range of qualitative, aesthetic and eco-compatibility requirements. The latter factor is especially significant considering that, very soon, every industrial sector, without distinction, will have to direct its production towards the use of materials and processes with less impact on the environment.

The constant research work and unstoppable drive towards innovation that have always defined the GINKO identity make the company the leader in the design and manufacturing of luxury burglarproof doors and windows: exactly twenty years have passed from the filing of the patent of the first anti-burglary and bulletproof aluminum window with thermal break (ATHENA 110), and GINKO has never stopped pursuing its quest for excellence.

Why GINKO has chosen aluminum for its security doors and windows

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The reason why GINKO has chosen aluminum as the core material of all its anti-burglary and bulletproof fixtures (doors, windows, shutters, fixtures and sliding doors and windows) is, as previously mentioned, linked to the many benefits that this material can ensure.

The first benefit is undoubtedly environmental sustainability: aluminum is a virtuous material that is in no way harmful to the environment and can be recycled virtually indefinitely, transforming itself into a multiplicity of different products without losing any of its properties.

The aluminum recycling process is also so efficient as to produce an energy saving equal to 95% of the energy needed to extract new aluminum from bauxite.

Still not enough? Aluminum windows and doors also contribute to reducing energy consumption in indoor spaces because, thanks to thermal break technology, they guarantee excellent thermo-acoustic insulation performance, significantly improving the quality of indoor microclimate.

In addition to being eco-sustainable, this material is also highly innovative when used for manufacturing windows and doors: first of all, it is lightweight and, at the same time, incredibly robust and resistant to atmospheric agents and wear; it is durable because it does not deteriorate over time or corrode, and hence keeps all its technical and aesthetic characteristics unaltered; and is highly customizable with a wide range of colors and surface finishing techniques.

In the case of GINKO solutions, for example, the possibilities of finishes and treatments to customize security doors and windows are virtually infinite: from RAL colors to sublimation, from anodizing to exclusive aesthetic and material effects such as Corten and various types of wooden essences.

It goes without saying that GINKO has chosen aluminum also because of its intrinsic safety. However, this principle must not be interpreted exclusively from a passive security point of view (which means that we have the right to feel safe in a setting equipped with security fixtures), but rather from safety in its broadest sense.

Aluminum behaves excellently even in the event of fire since it falls within class A1 of incombustible materials. This means that it’s a material that does not generate harmful or dangerous emissions for the environment or people. It is also totally fireproof. An aluminum window will therefore help to safeguard things and people not only during break-in attempts but also in case of fires because it will not spread the flames or give off toxic gases or smoke.

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