Security shutters: an effective and aesthetically pleasing anti-intrusion system

Given the perfect mix of style and safety they can ensure, security shutters are considered one of the most popular passive security systems, both for classic-style buildings and properties with more contemporary aesthetics.

As highlighted in one of our previous articles, protecting residential spaces has become a prevailing need, and an extraordinary degree of home security begins with adequately defending the house’s perimeter. In this sense, security shutters for windows and doors are a solution that ensures high-level design while significantly contributing to the serenity of the people living inside the spaces.


A few words about security shutters

Security shutters aren’t a novelty on the market. In fact, they have existed for many years. However, their technology has evolved over time and, with it, the degree of safety these solutions can provide to a house.

This architectural element is part of the broader category of armored fixtures: structures resulting from a particular design process to reduce the risk of burglary and unwanted entrances. Compared to a traditional shutter, a security shutter features a more robust, resistant and durable structure even when faced with particularly aggressive and prolonged stresses.

To ensure the typical robustness of these solutions, choosing the most suitable materials and locking systems will play a crucial role. Likewise, it will be up to the buyer to purchase exterior security shutters that provide the highest protection standards and certifications expected from this type of product. In our opinion, it’s better not to skimp on the budget and always opt for high-quality solutions: after all, the peace of mind you get knowing you can be safe in your home is priceless!

Generally, security shutters for windows and doors consist of a perimeter frame fixed to the walls and one or more doors with typical thick horizontal slats. Alternatively, the slats can be strengthened through specific internal reinforcements. The doors are fixed with special systems that make break-in attempts extremely difficult and time-consuming.

In addition to these elements, we should consider the handle and the lock, the so-called “locking systems”. Finally, security shutters feature hinges with anti-slip pins. In some versions, there are also special anti-tear bolts: steel cylinders that join the shutter to the perimeter frame, making removing the shutter from the window or French door almost impossible.

Like every other armored fixture, security shutters are cataloged according to specific anti-burglary classes, which increase according to the intensity of the break-in attempt, its duration and the tools used by the burglar: from bare hands to power tools such as drills and circular saws.


The benefits of installing security shutters as a passive security system

There are undoubtedly several further benefits of installing security shutters to increase your home security (or office security!).

These systems offer a chance to create shade areas in indoor environments, thus protecting them from excessive exposure to sunlight. Meanwhile, they still allow natural air to enter the rooms thanks to the presence of slats. If the slats are adjustable in terms of inclination or direction, they will allow both the complete shutting of the system – thus ensuring the highest level of privacy or protection from bad weather – and partial darkening of the room. This means that security shutters can also define the intensity of the incoming natural light.

Finally, installing security shutters will increase the thermoacoustic insulation of the building, protecting it from excessive heat and external noise.

Compared to roller shutters, armored shutters and undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing: their traditional design is now available in a wide range of styles, from the most classic to the most modern, making this solution integrable in multiple architectural contexts. The final result will always be elegant, with a clean and essential design, and will contribute to embellishing the facades.

Ultimately, choosing top-of-the-range security shutters means benefiting from the perfect synergy between safety, performance, ease of use and aesthetic appeal.


EVA: the security shutters by GINKO that feature top-notch design

With EVA, GINKO answers the ever-growing need of customers willing to increase the safety of their spaces without sacrificing style. These modern-style security shutters boast not only excellent quality but also a level of design that has very few terms of comparison on the current market. By installing EVA, the property will reduce its risk of break-ins and, at the same time, enhance the building’s overall elegance.

A particular feature of EVA security shutters is their structure, which is made of extruded aluminum and features stainless steel internal armoring. It’s a very robust core for a solution of excellent technical quality, which also provides the further benefit of not requiring any maintenance: its aesthetics and anti-intrusion attributes will remain unchanged over time.

With their minimalistic and classy design, EVA security shutters ensure an ideal level of indoor shade and contribute to living comfort within the home. They effectively withstand the action of atmospheric agents and the wear-and-tear of time without any issues. There is no need for maintenance: once installed, EVA will be there to stay and always ensure maximum performance.

There are four versions available, all different in terms of resistance to break-in attempts:

  • EVA Light: is RC2 certified, which means it can withstand occasional or improvised break-in attempts involving simple tools such as screwdrivers, wedges and pliers.
  • EVA Strong: is RC3 certified, as it resists the action of an experienced burglar who attempts to break into the house using more aggressive tools, such as a crowbar.
  • EVA Blindo: is RC4 certified, which means it can oppose the attack of a very expert burglar who uses saws, hatchets, battery drills, chisels and hammers.
  • EVA SuperBlindo: is once again RC4 certified, but reinforced with a greater number of safety accessories and armor plating also installed within the frame.

Finally, concerning the variants, EVA security shutters are available in the standard version, with straight or arched lines, and their opening can be hinged or folded, depending on the installation requirements.

EVA’s catalog of finishes is also exhaustive: the range includes various standard colors, from Matte white to gothic green, but also ivory, grey, the shades of various wood essences and the entire RAL table.

With GINKO, the security of your spaces doesn’t have to sacrifice elegance: get in touch with our experts to receive reliable advice!