Vintage Minimal

Anti-burglary doors and windows for a private house

The project involved an enchanting vintage villa nestled in the Brescia hills, the subject of a complete renovation aimed at a contemporary and refined design.

The choice fell on the Ikona security windows, here covered in corten-effect to frame the large windows and on the burglar-proof doors of the Invisio range, combined with the finely restored existing doors.

In this sense, the exclusive look of Invisio security doors could best combine the style and security needs required by the customer. This range of GINKO anti-burglary doors was born from the need to hide the robustness and resistance to intrusion attempts that are typical of a high-end passive security product under a completely customisable guise.

As for the Ikona burglar-proof doors and windows, their discreet charm guaranteed by the extremely reduced dimensions is combined with the patented “total overlap” system with high disappearance and the total absence of maintenance.